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The Internet Remains a Tangle of Issues New York Times (11/08/12) Somini Sengupta; Edward Wyatt

 Among the Internet-related policy issues President Barack Obama is likely to face in his second term is congressional polarization over regulations limiting the use of personal information online, statutes for protecting critical infrastructure from cyberattacks, policies to contend with online piracy, and pressure from the technology industry to implement tax code reforms and more visas for foreigners with much sought-after math and science skills. The administration will probably continue its push for freeing up wireless spectrum to fulfill the needs of smartphones and tablets to send a variety of information. Obama is expected to resume his campaign for the enactment of cybersecurity legislation to protect critical infrastructure, and the primary hurdle is whether the government should be permitted to regulate how private infrastructure operators shield their systems from cyberattacks. Members of Congress also are expected to lobby for several privacy-related bills, one involving updates to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act covering how government authorities can wiretap cell phone and Internet communications. The Internet industry also wants a 1988 law protecting the privacy of movie rentals eased, and the White House could once again find itself in the middle of a battle between the industry and Hollywood over online piracy.

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