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 Entering the month of August (with the Olympics in full swing), the Alan

Turing Year still has many more events in store for the rest of the year.

Events are still being added, and news of publications, videos, music,

drama, podcasts is daily reaching us - hard to keep up ... anyway, see

below for an outline of events in August. And before that a bumper holiday

selection of the interesting Turing-related info reached us in the last

few weeks. As always, see the ATY Events Overview for details of

happenings listed for August and beyond:

1) We start with an update on signatures for those following the progress

of the 2 highly successful UK Government Turing petitions:

The "Grant a pardon to Alan Turing" petition is close to 36 thousand, with

35,872 signatures, and about to enter the top ten petitions nationally -


The "Put Alan Turing on the next 10 pound note" petition has a magnificent

21,142 signatures now:

CMS who have supported the campaign for 'Turing For The Tenner' have

organised an 'Alan Turing Prize Draw' with prizes of a limited edition

Turing For The Tenner T-shirt - see:

2) The big news in July was the initiative of Lord Sharkey to take the

fight for a Turing pardon to a new level - as the BBC News Manchester put

it "Alan Turing pardon campaign goes to House of Lords":

There is multi-party support for this bill, and many UK Turing supporters

have written to their own MPs. There is a timetable for the process of

getting Lord Sharkey's bill passed at:

3) From the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, comes "Crypted" an 'interactive

tragedy based on the life of Alan Turing'. For a very positive review,


It's at C Nova, 6-26 August - for times, tickets, see:

4) Those who follow @AlanTuringYear on Twitter will have enjoyed the wide

ranging and thoughtful blogs of New Zealand computer scientist Ian Watson.

This should raise interest in his new book "The Universal Machine: From

the Dawn of Computing to Digital Consciousness". For an interesting review


As it says, "a fascinating history of computers and computer scientists".

5) Another Turing Year book in prospect is Hector Zenil's heterogeneous

collection "A Computable Universe - Understanding and Exploring Nature as

Computation", with a foreword by Roger Penrose. You can get more info, and

take advantage of publisher's introductory offer price $98/65 pounds at:

After December 31, 2012, it will cost closer to US$138.

6) And another very interesting book is Edgar Daylight's "The Dawn of

Software Engineering: from Turing to Dijkstra"

From some web blogs, you might imagine Turing single-handedly delivered

the modern computer - this book puts Turing in context - details from the


7) And Andy Hall from Taylor & Francis/Routledge/CRC Press points a whole

list of Turing centenary writings:

8) The Brighton Mini Maker Fair on Saturday 8th September has some Turing

interest - see:

Yes, "We intend to scan in the statue of Alan Turing at the University of

Surrey using a Kinect. Then we will process the 3d image file, scale it

and slice it up into printable chunks. Having done that we intend to

organise a mass print of the chunks on the day of the Faire (and possibly

beforehand) to reconstruct the statue in (multicoloured) plastic."

9) And The Independent mysteriously announced "Will Dean's Ideas Factory:

The perfect cup of tea - get one while they're hot":

And went on to describe how "The Universal Tea Machine requires users to

make five sequential additions, covering cup, tea bag, hot water, milk and

sugar, in order to create a combination that gives them the perfect brew.

It's easier said than done: the machine pays tribute to the computing

skills of Alan Turing and if you miss out part of the calculation you

could end up with a rotten mug of hot milk."

10) There is a very interesting lecture at 6pm on Tuesday 11 September at

the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) in Manchester - it's given by

Cambridge historian Professor Christopher Andrew, the official historian

of MI5, who will be discussing the life and work of Turing. Given Turing's

mystery-surrounded relationship with MI5 and MI6, might be a time to ask

questions. To get access to the lecture you need to email the organisers,

the Information Commisioner's Office (ICO) at

Details at:

11) George Csicsery from Gala Films tells us they have just added an

animated Turing machine sequence to the web page for their excellent film

"Julia Robinson and Hilbert's Tenth Problem". It's nice to see the Turing

Year link being made - especially since it gives us an opportunity to

publicise a great film. Julia's sister, Constance Reid who wrote the

gripping biography of David Hilbert, features strongly, of course. See: and

12) One of the interesting people who have done so much to make the 2012

Turing Year such an exciting period is Mark Cotton, musician and technical

expert extraordinaire - one of his contributions is the AlanTuringYear

AudioBoo website he negotiated and set up for us:

It's full of interesting interviews etc, and his latest initiative is a

Bletchley Park Podcast, to be launched this Friday 10th August, in

combination with an AudioBoo channel. We're not quite sure yet how all

this pans out for the ATY, but Mark says:

"Once the Podcast has gone out, I can then start loading the TED talks

onto the ATY audioboo page (I already have a number edited and ready

to go). We (as in ATY) then use the publicity from the Bletchley Park

Podcast to boost people listening to our audio. We load the files on

our account and then feed them into the BP channel." Seems an ideal

synergy between Bletchley Park and Alan Turing Year. See:

for a Bletchley Park Podcast Teaser.

13) As a city, Manchester has taken Alan Turing to its heart, with the

famous Sackville Gardens statue a much-publicised focus. (Many people have

said it's time for London and Cambridge to give a Turing a proper presence

in keeping with his scientific legacy.) As well as the special attention

given to Turing by Manchester University, the Manchester Museum, MOSI and

the Cornerhouse, we have Manchester Pride 2012 setting out to make the

Alan Turing centenary a main theme, August 17 to 27. And here is the

Manchester Evening News report "Manchester Pride set to celebrate legacy

of computer pioneer Alan Turing":

"There will also be a string of events marking Alan Turing's life,

including an exhibition called Alan Turing and Life's Enigma at Manchester


14) Of course, Turing the great man disgracefully treated becomes a gay

icon around the world. A particularly moving instance was the news from

the Turing Rainbow Festival in Indian city Madurai - see the report in

the Deccan Chronicle:

15) From Valeria Patera in Italy, an update on recent performances of her

Turing play "Alan's Apple", and related events in Rome (in the "marvellous

and very international Teatro Palladiu-Roma Europa Foundation"), Verona

(in the "beautiful Teatro Ristori") and Italian government involvement.

Watch for more info, including from Edinburgh.

16) One of the more exciting messages we received recently was from

Chicago. Erin Murray is producer of "PINK MILK: a new magical tragedy

inspired by the life of Alan Turing". Erin tells us:

"A drama infused with dance, PINK MILK offers a peek into young Alan's

friendship with Christopher Morcom, his inspiration to create after

Christopher's untimely death, his great success in cryptology, his

treatment after meeting Arnold Murray and his mysterious death."

It runs August 10-19 at the New York International Fringe Festival Gene

Frankel Theatre), and then goes to the Chicago Fringe August 30 -

September 9. Details:!home/mainPage

"Movement, nosebleeds, electronica and a talking daisy. PINK MILK,

inspired by the father of Computer Science, explodes themes of creation,

destruction and eternal love."

17) Back to the science, indicative of the breadth of impact of Turing's

vision is the 4th World Congress of Social Simulation, 4-7 September, 2012

in Taipei, Taiwan. If one goes to the webpage and click on 'Turing

Memorial Sessions' in the menu at:

one finds a special session on "Turing's Economics" (A Session Celebrating

the Alan Turing Birth Centennial)

18) Also very interesting - The Singularity Summit Australia, Melbourne,

Aug 18-19, 2012, focuses on the Alan Turing Year, saying on its webpage:

"Of special significance this year is the centenary of Alan Turing's

birth. To celebrate, the summit will have focus on Alan Turing and his

unique impact on the history of computing, computer science, artificial

intelligence, developmental biology, and the mathematical theory of


19) Astrid Engelen from IOS Press asks us to mention the ECAI 2012

conference in Montpelier, August 27-31. This includes a "Turing and

Anniversary Session":

Interestingly, the session is introduced by Dr Einar Fredriksson who was

instrumental in the "Collected Works of A.M. Turing" getting published by

Elsevier, before leaving Elsevier to set up IOS Press.

20) Nicola Galesi sends information of another conference - "Limits of

Theorem Proving", in Rome, September 25-27, 2012 - joining the Alan Turing

Year 2012. For details see:

21) Brian Ford asked about the availability of locked videos from the Alan

Turing Centenary Conference in Manchester - see:

Organiser Andrei Voronkov tells us that all is in hand, and when

permissions are signed, and technical staff return from vacation, more

videos will be unlocked. Most viewed video? Roger Penrose public lecture

on 'The Problem of Modelling the Mathematical Mind' (554 view currently)

22) There was a nice report on the successful Manchester conference, and

the associated "Mind, Mechanism and Mathematics" research funding

competition, from sponsoring organisation the John Templeton Foundation.

Their July 18 Report "Celebrating the Genius of Alan Turing" read "The

event prompted extensive media attention, including a BBC series of

articles about the centenary and The Huffington Post reportage of Garry

Kasparov winning a game of computer chess programmed by Turing more than

60 years ago." - see:

23) More from Manchester - we hear from Jonathan Wall at the BBC in


"The BBC North board have plans to turn one of our big meeting rooms into

the Alan Turing Room.

It will be one of only two rooms across Media City named after individuals

- the other one being the Brian Redhead Room.

We are looking at a moment to do this in late September or October."

It's a great initiative. Will look forward to the launch.

24) And, a report via Huma Shah -

"Two memorable Alan Turing Year events were held at Bletchley Park in

Turing's 100th centenary month June 2012. Members of the public

enjoyed being part of these events, as judges and hidden humans in

Reading Universitys big Turing test contest (Saturday 23 June), and

as audience at Turing Education Day interacting with a broad range of

Turing Speakers (Saturday 30 June)."

News of both events can be found at Turing100 here (various links -

sorry Huma, I pruned the descriptions of content):

25) From Manuel de Leon, an updated webpage on the "International

Symposium: The Alan Turing legacy" in Madrid, October 23-24, 2012:

26) Via Daniela Derbyshire, a reminder that the deadline for the Israel

Science and Technology Ministry competition for teenagers,

who are asked to extract facts about Turing from a code of 500 million

binary digits, is August 25th:

Here's the info (in Hebrew) from the Ministry:

27) Roland Backhouse writes:

"Would it be possible to add the final of our Turing-tape Games

competition to the list of events in August and September?

The final begins on 26th August and ends on 16th September. The last

practice round began on 15th July.  There are now 20 games on the web on

which to hone your algorithm ready for the final (when the slate will be

wiped clean).  Anyone can join in and be listed among the topscorers.

There are (cash and other) prizes for students registered at a UK

educational institution in 3 categories: pre-university, undergraduate and

postgraduate.  The University of Laval in Canada is also offering cash

prizes to its students.  If anyone wants to offer prizes in their own

country, they can contact me either through the website or directly at "


28) Abdel Khairoun from the Royal Statistical Society sends news of a

special September 6th Turing event "Significance: Alan Turing and Enigma"

as part of their 2012 International Conference - there is a link (under


Abdel says: "We're working with James Grime of the Enigma Project at

putting something together for delegates attending the conference but

won't have details until maybe July would be a more specialised

presentation and mentions Banburismus, the statistical approach Turing and

Good devised, but other than that I have no more details I'm afraid...We

are hoping to make Turing a big part of the presentation being the

centenary year...apologies for the lack of detail!"

29) New: James Sumner is giving a Friday 2 November talk on "Alan Turing


Manchester: His last years and legacy", 11am at the Manchester Museum, as

part of the Science Festival programme. Description:

"2012 marks the centenary of Alan Turing, the computer visionary who

spent his last six years at the University of Manchester. In his final

work, Turing moved away from designing computers to examine how they

could be used, modelling life processes and pondering the prospect of

thinking machines. In this talk, James Sumner of the University of

Manchester's Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine,

discusses the life and work of a complex twentieth-century icon."

30) Just arrived this minute from Anna Dumitriu - "We are going to be

exhibiting the Intuition and Ingenuity show at the Blinc Digital Festival

in Wales":

Not until October 27-28, more info in the course of time ...

There is more to tell - but for now we just conclude with August ATY

events. There is always a follow-up taking in missed items.


Alan Turing Year Events for August:

* August 6-10, 2012: Logic and Computability at CLAM 2012, at the National

University of Cordoba, Argentina.

* August 6-17, 2012: 24th European Summer School in Logic, Language and

Information (ESSLLI 2012), Opole, Poland, including foundational course

Models of Computation, taught by Robert Lubarsky (Florida Atlantic


* August 10-26, and August 30-September 09, 2012: PINK MILK at the New

York International Fringe Festival and Chicago Fringe Festival, by Justin


* August 18, 2012: Big Night of Science at the Ultimo Science Festival in

Sydney, Australia, with guest speaker Jack Copeland on Alan Turing and his


* August 18-19, 2012: The Singularity Summit Australia (Science and the

Audacity of Imagination), Melbourne.

* August 23-25, 2012: The Turing Festival 2012 - Edinburgh International

Technology Festival, Edinburgh, 23-25 August 2012.

* August 25, 2012: Manchester Pride Parade, part of Manchester Pride 2012.

* August 26 to September 16, 2012: Final of the Turing-tape Games


* August 27-31, 2012: 20th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence

- ECAI 2012, Montpelier, France.

* August 28-31, 2012: The 13th International Conference on Membrane

Computing (CMC13) in Budapest, Hungary.

* August 29-31, 2012: Physics and Computation 2012 at the University of

Swansea, UK.


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