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Government Developing Data Mining Tools to Fight Terrorism InformationWeek (05/12/11) Elizabeth Montalbano

Source from Office of the Director of National Intelligence:


New software that can analyze terrorists' communications networks and travel activities to help extract relationships is under development by U.S. intelligence agencies, according to the U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence's (ODNI's) 2010 Data Mining Report. One program is the National Counterterrorism Center's DataSphere software. Instead of mining data, DataSphere employs network analysis tools on existing information about known and suspected terrorists and their affiliates. It identifies patterns in the data that connects individuals with events and actions, including spotting a set of individuals that fit the parameters designated in a threat intelligence communication. The ODNI report also says that in 2010 the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) continued development of two programs it initiated in 2009. The Automated Low-level Analysis and Description of Diverse Intelligence (ALADDIN) initiative is developing a video-query program designed to supplant a manual process already in use, the report says. ALADDIN facilitates the search of large video datasets to quickly and reliably locate clips displaying a specific type of event. Meanwhile, IARPA's Knowledge Discovery and Dissemination program is being developed for the rapid dissemination of information from large, complex, and varied datasets so they can be combined with others already in use.

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Office of the Director of National Intelligence
2010 Data Mining Report
For the Period January 1, 2010 through December 31, 2010
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Counterterrorist Data Mining Needs Privacy Protection
A National Research Council report represents an attempt to address privacy concerns that have dogged past counterterrorist data mining programs like Total Information Awareness.
By Thomas Claburn InformationWeek

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Protecting Individual Privacy in the Struggle Against Terrorists:
A Framework for Program Assessment

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Engaging Privacy and Information Technology in a Digital Age
這一本2007年一樣是由NAP(National Academies Press)出版的書在上述Protecting Individual Privacy in the Struggle Against Terrorists: A Framework for Program Assessment(目前我正在閱讀這一本書,我已經建議政大購買一本)有被引述到。

Engaging Privacy and Information Technology in a Digital Age, NAP、2007我已經透過館際借書向成功大學借出,預計三天後到達。我另外也建議政大圖書館採購。


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