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European Identity Conference (ID Conference)有關於identity/security/privacy for Cloud研討會的資訊

一個人的ID可以當作認證與授權的依據,不論是在實體社會或虛擬的網路世界。歐洲最近有一個整合資訊企業與最新科技發展的研討會,主要是以e-id來當作安全,控管,與個人資料保護的參考。歐盟這個identify conference ( )是由Kuppinger Cole所推動,只要線上申請帳號即可觀看去年的研討會的影片、投影片等資訊。今年的主軸Cloud 2011將於5月11-13在德國慕尼黑市舉行,註冊費為1980歐元,大約為7萬─8萬台幣。負擔不起所以我們只好先看一下去年(2010)研討會的議程與內容,如Trust/Security/Privacy in the Cloud等的影片與資訊。

今年2011 legal track有一位speaker將介紹cloud computing之上的個人資料跨法治區使用與保護的法規議題:

另外研討會主辦單位也線上賣技術報告( ),每份約為100歐元,也是太貴了。想知道研討會的相關資訊請用各自的Facebook和Twitter的帳號來追縱本研討會的後續發展!




Review European Identity Conference (EIC) and CLOUD 2011

Thanks to 500+ attendees, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and press members, you have turned EIC and CLOUD 2011 into an unforgettable event.

We hope that you had a good trip back and will remember EIC and CLOUD 2011 as a conference having met its role as a major platform to create, continue and intensify the dialog between thought leaders and users, between business and technology. Intensive discussions inside the sessions and outside, exchange of experiences and ideas - we all hope, that you could carry away enough inspirations for your upcoming projects.

Access to Presentations(無法下載)

We have now uploaded all currently available presentations to the conference website.

Please note that presentations and other event materials are available only to registered participants of European Identity Conference 2011. You need to log in to be able to download them.

We have put online a photo gallery. In order to get higher resolutions of a photo, just click it. If you want to have your photos added to this gallery, please send them to Levent Kara,

Interview Videos
During EIC and CLOUD 2011, our analysts interviewed many of the speakers. We have already uploaded some of them to our Podcast section.

European Identity Award 2011

Thank you for attending and contributing. See you again next year from April 17th until 20th, 2012.

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