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Google 內部的人出來做的服務,直接了當的從 mashup friends feed 切入。我使用 SNS 一陣子後,發覺最常盯著看的是「朋友的使用記錄」(Facebook 稱 News Feed,或者可以廣義的稱 Friends Digital Trace)。但一個 SNS 平台的「朋友的使用記錄」往往受限於該平台提供的互動。可以看出 Frends Feed 這個服務的難度(克服隱私權問題、跨平台帳號對應等)與野心。


The challenge is obviously determining the right set of features to
create this pleasant social experience. For example, through
discussions and personally using the product, some of the useful things
I've found FriendFeed doing on top of the aggregating the content

  • Filtering and grouping items together where they make sense.
    For example, if you upload a set of 50 photographs into Flickr,
    FriendFeed will group these together and choose a relevant thumb-nail
    image instead of inundating your friends with 50 photographs.
  • Mapping usernames from the services being aggregated back to FriendFeed users. For example if you write a message in Twitter to @SeanAmmirat, it would link to my Friend Feed account.
  • Recommending content from connections one degree away in your network, and commented on by friends.
    For example, if Paul & I are connected on Friend Feed and he
    comments on one of the items that his friend shares, it may be
    highlighted for me.

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