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European Identity Conference (ID Conference)有關於identity/security/privacy for Cloud研討會的資訊

一個人的ID可以當作認證與授權的依據,不論是在實體社會或虛擬的網路世界。歐洲最近有一個整合資訊企業與最新科技發展的研討會,主要是以e-id來當作安全,控管,與個人資料保護的參考。歐盟這個identify conference ( )是由Kuppinger Cole所推動,只要線上申請帳號即可觀看去年的研討會的影片、投影片等資訊。今年的主軸Cloud 2011將於5月11-13在德國慕尼黑市舉行,註冊費為1980歐元,大約為7萬─8萬台幣。

[news] OASIS News: 6 May 2011

Welcome to OASIS News, a bi-weekly update of announcements,
accomplishments, and activities for the international open standards

In this issue:

* Members propose FFM TC
* Nominations for Board of Directors and TAB close soon
* XACML TC announces webinar
* OASIS plans video on value of participation
* IDtrust organizes "Trust in the Cloud" track at EIC
* LegalXML cosponsors Computational Law Workshop
* TAB seeks comments on draft interoperability guidelines

Members propose FFM TC

[ACM-BULLETIN] Today's Topic: ACM Fellows Honored for Computing Innovations - From Practical to Theoretical


Many Innovations Made in Areas Critical to Global Competitiveness

The Association for Computing Machinery
Advancing Computing as a Science & Profession

Contact: Virginia Gold

Printable Word File


See attachment.


Cloud access control: Plug-in alters applications on a per-user basis Ron Condon, UK Bureau Chief

What if a browser plug-in could control the functions any particular user sees on a cloud-based application? This is the question British software company Overtis Ltd asked when creating its new product, in an attempt to solve the problem of users accessing Web-based corporate applications from a range of different mobile devices.

ACM Digital Library Expands Table of Contents Service

ACM Digital Library users now have access to a convenient Table of Contents (TOC) service for all publications - from ACM and other publishers. This newly expanded option alerts users via email and RSS feeds to new issues of journals, magazines, newsletters, and proceedings that have been posted to the DL.

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