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[ACM-BULLETIN] Today's Topic: ACM Fellows Honored for Computing Innovations - From Practical to Theoretical


Many Innovations Made in Areas Critical to Global Competitiveness

The Association for Computing Machinery
Advancing Computing as a Science & Profession

Contact: Virginia Gold

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Cloud access control: Plug-in alters applications on a per-user basis Ron Condon, UK Bureau Chief

What if a browser plug-in could control the functions any particular user sees on a cloud-based application? This is the question British software company Overtis Ltd asked when creating its new product, in an attempt to solve the problem of users accessing Web-based corporate applications from a range of different mobile devices.

ACM Digital Library Expands Table of Contents Service

ACM Digital Library users now have access to a convenient Table of Contents (TOC) service for all publications - from ACM and other publishers. This newly expanded option alerts users via email and RSS feeds to new issues of journals, magazines, newsletters, and proceedings that have been posted to the DL.

Today's Topic: ACM Turing Award Goes To Innovator In Machine Learning Thursday, March 10, 2011


Born Digital (天生數位)

天生數位(Born Digital)所代表的含意有幾種,一是在數位典藏的數位內容在產生之際就是以數位的方式來製作、生產、流通和保護。但是我們這裡要講的是另外一種含意,就是指「天生數位」的這一個世代年輕人。如果像我的兒子是在1992年以後WWW有了之後才初生和教養的年輕人,現在2011年他們有的也已經是快要滿20歲的成年人了。當他們小時候,家庭經濟稍微不錯,家裡應該會有桌上型電腦並且可以上到WWW的虛擬世界遨遊。

03/11(星期五)下午02:00-04:00 p.m.陳世卿院士在法學院13樓的雲端運算演講

法律系陳起行老師邀請目前人在大陸發展雲端運算環境的陳世卿院士(原超級電腦Cray的發明者)到校演講(02:00-03:00 p.m.)並且進行未來和政治大學可能合作的討論(03:00-04:00 p.m.)。

Founder and CEO of Galactic Computing


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