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Access and Reuse of Open Government Statistical Data - Challenges







 Mike一個語意網的入門者想要瞭解有哪一些本體論編輯工具(含RDF(S), OWL)。結果吸引了一些回應,除了原有我們知道的Protege之外,還有其他一些開發工具值得各位去瞭解。

Call for Papers: International Conference on Web Intelligence, Mining and Semantics (WIMS'13)


EUCLID Module 1: Linked Data from Open Univ.

 這是英國Open Univ.透過Webcast有關於語意網一系列的介紹,首先是關於linked data的介紹:



Info. for Alan Turing Events

 Entering the month of August (with the Olympics in full swing), the Alan

From Internet, WWW, to Semantic Web provided by tele-TASK Video Server

 Trust Management Symposium: Industry Meets Academia (2012)

這是由tele-TASK video server提供的影片,內容是Trust Management Symposium: Industry Meets Academia (2012).


這個網站是由Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel和他的團隊所建置的:

Seminar Info. for Towards Law-Aware Semantic Cloud at Univ. of Bologna, Italy on 02:30-04:00 p.m., June-19th, June-19th-2012

Towards Law-Aware Semantic Cloud Policies with Exceptions for Data Integration and Protection


Related info. about my papers, slides and seminar announcement.

Paper (attached) was presented at WIMS'12 and published by ACM Press:

Seminar slides are attached. It was enhanced for a 90 minutes seminar talk at CIRSFID, Univ. of Bologna.

Cloud Security Alliance Big Data Work Group Kick-Off Call

你們或許會有興趣參加這個討論會,因為和我們研究興趣有相關。主要是解決和雲端運算有關的security and privacy problems,並且提出可能的相關標準提供業界來遵循。

Conference時間是05/24早上5:00( )。


Artificial Intelligence Could Be on Brink of Passing Turing Test

最近在Wired magazine有一篇報到,提到電腦系統已經可以接近通過Turing Test的考驗,到底什麼是Turing Test?通過Turing Test所代表的意義為何?首先閱讀A. M. Turing (1950) Computing Machinery and Intelligence. Mind 49: 433-460 的一篇文章來瞭解他心目中的Turing Test為何?這一篇論文看起來沒有很多數學技術性的元素,但是我們可以透過閱讀來欣賞Turing的寫作風格。

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