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IEEE Workshop on Policies for Distributed Systems and Networks

研究privacy, rights delegation, access control等主要的研究議題在於policy的design and enforcement, 可以參考最近IEEE workshop on policies for Distributed Systems & Networks,這些論文可由政大的IEEE digital library download:

Policy 2007:
Policy 2006:
Policy 2005:

例如家輝的privacy研究,光德的DRM system enforcement研究,還有其它同學的web security研究等都可以獲得一些靈感。

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Decentralized Information Group from MIT CSAIL

這幾天在找文獻的時候,發現Tim Berners-Lee成立一個DIG (Decentralized Information Group),這裡有一些研究現況的報導,他們發表的一些文獻,及一個firefox的plugin叫 Tabulator,據說可以plugin到firefox之後看到semantic web的世界,我還沒有試,所以不知道是真的還是假的?


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The Color of Trustworthiness

Quoted from ACM TechNews Aug. 29-2007 ( Jerusalem Post (08/18/07) Siegel-Itzkovich, Judy)


Papers from Cyber Trust & Crime Preventation Project

Talk for Computional Social Sciences

See Attachment file.


Article: German semantic Web project seeks open-source experts

German semantic Web project seeks open-source experts:

Theseus Project (Research Program for a new Internet-based Knowledge Infrastructure):

e-Social Science

最近幾年因為Grid的環境的開發與應用,引導了e-Science的研究,同樣的e-Social Science也是一個值得研究的議題。這是一個跨領域的研究領域,詳細的發展趨勢請參考:

以及過去3年來有關於e-Social Science的研討會:

其中有關於digital trace (or digital footstep)的相關文獻請參考附件的三篇論文。

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International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media 2008

CFP: Second International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media
March 31-April 2, 2008
Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.
Call For Papers

The rapid creation and consumption of social media content continues
to drive the evolution of the Internet and the Web. Social media
content now accounts for the majority of content published daily on
the web.

As the space evolves, researcher and industrial practitioners find
themselves at a key point for collaborating on research,
implementation and deployment of a wide range of analyses and

POWDER: Protocol for Web Description Resource from W3C

對於W3C所提出的POWDER,你們有何看法?尤其是在CC, DRM, and Privacy及其他資源存取的處理上:

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Digital Trace: 凡走過必留痕跡

這次到美國Michigan State Univ.參加兩年一次的Communities & Technologies (C&T) 2007最值得一提的是在最後一天的Panel討論會時Cornell Univ.社會學教授 Michael W. Macy ( )提到的Digital Trace的概念。也就是你在網路上所做的每件事和執行的動作都將可能會有digital trace,也就是我們過去所說的凡走過必留痕跡的概念。

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