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Semantic Web開發環境的瞭解


Web Science研究的最新現況

先前我們提到過一篇130~ pages的web science的研究報告,主要的作者群除了Tim Berners Lee之外大都是來自於Univ. of Southampton,有趣的是Tim Berners Lee本人是英國人而也是這個大學資訊學院和MIT的聯合教授,

這個web site對於web science的projects除了TAGora之外,還有一些其它有趣的研究課可供參考。

毓忠 9/16

Tagging System 研究

英國Univ. of Southampton和歐盟的一些國家的研究單位進行tagging system的計畫:
TAGora 其中有一個詞彙他們用的很頻繁:

semiotic noun (from Webster's dictionary) (符號學): a general philosophical theory of of signs and symbols that deals esp. with their function in both artificially constructed and natural languages and comprises syntactics, semantics, and pragmatics.


毓忠 9/16

Final version of paper: Semantic-Driven Enforcement of Rights Delegation Policies via the Combination of Rules and Ontologies

Attachment is a final version of paper submitted for Privacy Enforcement and Accountability with Semantics (PEAS'07) workshop at ISWC+ASWC 2007. I welcome your comments and suggestions. I would like thank Bluce to draw those figures in the paper.


From IEEE Internet Computing: Semantic-Web-Based Knowledge Management

You might have to access within the NCCU. Otherwise, you must have a NCCU library access account to access this Internet Computing Sep/Oct. 2007 special issue for Semantic-Web-Based Knowledge Management.


In this issue

Article: China's Eye on the Internet


上兩次的星期五的meeting, 我分別用了即將發表的論文semantic-driven enforcement of rights delegation policies。。。來讓實驗室的同學瞭解到該如何來利用rules + ontologies來表示我們要執行的policies並且可以將他們的直接進行執行(enforcement)的目的。或許有同學已經有一些體認,尤其是修過我的semantic web課程的同學應該有所瞭解。

IEEE Workshop on Policies for Distributed Systems and Networks

研究privacy, rights delegation, access control等主要的研究議題在於policy的design and enforcement, 可以參考最近IEEE workshop on policies for Distributed Systems & Networks,這些論文可由政大的IEEE digital library download:

Policy 2007:
Policy 2006:
Policy 2005:

例如家輝的privacy研究,光德的DRM system enforcement研究,還有其它同學的web security研究等都可以獲得一些靈感。

毓忠 9/4

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