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Paper: A Comparison of Two Privacy Policy Languages: EPAL and XACML from Sun Micro Lab.

你如果不想要去詳讀EPAL or XACML,但是想要直接瞭解這兩者之間差異的可以參考:

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Some Recent Research Info from IEEE Puiblisher

1. IEEE Security & Privacy Sep. / Oct.

The ChoicePoint Dilemma: How Data Brokers Should Handle the Privacy of Personal Information

2. IEEE Internet Computing Sep. / Oct.

Semantic-Web-Based Knowledge Management

3. IEEE Intelligent System Sep. / Oct.

Social Computing


Several articles from IEEE Intelligent Systems

The Semantic Web Vision: Where Are We?

Semantic Web Services, Part I

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幾本和web security, trust, and privacy研究有關的書 from Springer 2007


1. Security, Privacy and Trust in Modern Data Management, M. Petkovic, W. Jonker, 2007.

2. Secure Data Management in Decentralized Systems, T. Yu and S. Jajodia, 2007.

3. Practical Internet Security, J. R. Vacca, 2007.

Ontology Matching Handbook


Ontologies tend to be found everywhere. They are viewed as the
silver bullet for many applications, such as database integration,
peer-to-peer systems, e-commerce, semantic web services, or
social networks. However, in open or evolving systems, such as
the semantic web, different parties would, in general, adopt
different ontologies. Thus, merely using ontologies, like using XML,
does not reduce heterogeneity: it just raises heterogeneity


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Article: Microformats Hop on Semantic Web 'Griddle

兩種串連資料與資訊整合的語法表示: microformats and GRDDL. 就本文來說這兩種metadata格式的整合對於資訊整合(mashup)所代表的意義為何,大家可以思考一下!

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Article from Washington Post: Google Calls for International Standards on Internet Privacy

從這則報導我們知道International Privacy Standards在執行面還有很大的改進空間,瞭解這些背景知識有助於我們在設計semantic-driven privacy policy enforcement!

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