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Alan Turing Institute to Be Set Up to Research Big Data, BBC News (03/19/14)

British Chancellor George Osborne recently announced that the government will provide 42 million UK pounds (nearly $70 million US) to fund a research center that will carry the name of computer pioneer Alan Turing. The Alan Turing Institute will focus on new ways of collecting, organizing, and analyzing big data.

Ed. Snowden to Talk Privacy with the Tech Community at SXSW




TIGP-SNHCC application deadline is March-31st

The application deadline for 2014 Taiwan International Graduate Program: Social Networks and Human-centered Computing (TIGP-SNHCC) Ph.d. program ( ) is March-31st. If your students are interested, please forward this message to them. Thanks.

ps: program introduction brochure please download file from:


CBS 60 minutes: How to defend your privacy online

昨天(2014/03/09)的CBS 60 minutes讓我們瞭解到美國的資料蒐集者(data broker)每一分每一秒都無所不在的用他們的特殊工具來蒐集我們上網的個人資訊,在這個big data的時代,我們的個人隱私正面臨很大的挑戰:

0. WhiteHat Aviator( ),提供隱私與資料保護的瀏覽器 for MAC OS X. Disconnect的這個軟體是直接embed到這個browser之上。

Big Data Privacy Workshop @ CSAIL Mar-3, 2014

花了兩天的空檔時間總算把6個多小時的Big Data Privacy Workshop影片看完。在此發表一下觀後感想:

Lawrence Livermore Explores the Shape of Data, Expanding Query-Free Analytics

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is using topological data analysis research to explore new ways of obtaining useful information from extremely large, complex data sets. The lab is working with Stanford University spinoff Ayasdi, which is funded by the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the National Science Foundation. Ayasdi’s Insight Discovery software handles big data problems by extracting information from very large data sets.

MIT Debuts Online Big Data Course for Tech Pros

大學部學生完成此四個星期的Big Data課程可以得到MIT線上授課的憑證,對於未來申請國外學校研究所的課程將會有所幫助。費用$495美金。

MIT Debuts Online Big Data Course for Tech Pros
Network World (01/09/14) Ann Bednarz

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