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%w(Akita On Rails) * 2.0 - Rolling with Rails 2.0 - The First Full Tutorial - Part 2

最近在更新 Ruby on Rails 時相當苦。因為不僅僅是更新 Rails 1.1.6 至 2.0.2,包括 Ruby 本身也從 1.8.5 升級到 1.8.6。可以想像中間的差異有多少。這篇文章相當值得參考。


Yahoo Implements OpenID; Massive Win For The Project


The rumor last week was that Google (as well as Verisign and IBM) were mulling over the idea of joining the OpenID 2.0 single sign-on framework. But the real news comes today, as Yahoo and its roughly 250 million user IDs officially jump on the bandwagon. Today, there are only approximately 120 million valid OpenID accounts. In one move, Yahoo more than triples that number.


Craig Ambrose. Image cropping with Mini Magick and attachment_fu

據網路上的使用經驗,RMagick 是吃記憶體的大怪獸。我測試的結果並不支持這樣的說法,雖然換成 MiniMagick 確實有少吃一點記憶體,實際上差距沒有他們說的大。

致命的是,MiniMagick 在處理 resize, crop 並不如我的想法。結果 open source 的好處是,往往你不是第一個遇到這樣的問題,你往往也不是那最後一個忍不住的人。所以 survey 絕對比苦力寫 code 更重要。

5 Rails CHM Documentation

時代更迭的速度之快,去年用得很順手的 Ruby on Rails 1.1.6,在上個月已經更新到 2.0.2,雖然 1.1.6 有很多地方為人詬病,但是,用了一年多相當有感情。

線上 Doc 雖然不錯,但是離線 Doc 也是不可或缺。對使用 Windows 的使用者來說,CHM 格式的文件絕對是首選。可惜目前只更新到 Rails 1.2.1 版。

OAuth: Getting Started

This guide is intended for a technical audience with focus on implementation. I dedicate one section to the end-user perspective which is something I expect many others will address with mockups, user interface designs, best practices guides, and of course working services. To make the most out of this guide, keep the specification handy as I will be referencing it, walking you through the spec and adding color where needed. This guide does not replace the specification nor can it be used alone for implementation as it is incomplete.

TPCI - TIOBE Programming Community Index

January Headline: TIOBE declares Python as programming language of 2007!

The TIOBE Programming Community index gives an indication of the popularity of programming languages. The index is updated once a month. The ratings are based on the world-wide availability of skilled engineers, courses and third party vendors. The popular search engines Google, MSN, Yahoo!, and YouTube are used to calculate the ratings. Observe that the TIOBE index is not about the best programming language or the language in which most lines of code have been written.

Don't Repeat Yourself: Layouts, Components, and Partials

One of the "guiding principles" of Ruby on Rails is Don't Repeat Yourself (DRY). In order to allow for flexibility in your applications while adhering to this tenet, RoR provides a number of useful features for not repeating yourself in views. Presenting layouts, components, and partials.

部落格涉侵權 女大生罰作文



Method: Hpricot::Elements.attr(key, value = nil, &blk) - Noobkit

Lastly, a block can be used to rewrite an attribute based on the element it belongs to. The block will pass in an element. Return from the block the new value of the attribute.

records.attr("href") { |e| e['href'] "#top" }

This example adds a #top anchor to each link.

Data Mining: Text Mining, Visualization and Social Media: graphs

有很多很炫麗的 SNA 圖。

One of the most frequent questions I get from readers of this blog is: can you recommend a graph visualization package? In general, I've always liked to roll my own - many of the layouts available in packages out there are much alike, so if you are interested in novel visualizations you would probably have to do this anyway.

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