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4/6(Mon.): Notebook computer cannot be fixed!

After one week, the Future Shop told me they cannot fix my computer. I already knew what the information they told me, such as the hard disks are OK, cannot enter into the safe mode, etc. So paying C$40+tax for diagnosis is not worth it. Anyway, I have some personal viewpoints about the technologies here in Canada. I will try to use the Chinese version of KNOPPIX live CD ( ) to allow me using my computer on the Web at home.

4/5(Sun.): Reading and buying books

I usually stay at home on Sunday. In the morning, I read a book " Waving the Web" ( ). I bought this book several months ago from Berkeley bookstore Taiwan. This book talks about the history of the WWW development. I am happy to read this book because the contents are very close to my research topics especially at the closing end of few chapters. I think it is going to take me one more day to finish the reading. I also phoned the Future Shop to know what were the problems of my Sony VAIO notebook and to see whether it can be fixed.

4/4(Sat.): Participating a Chinese Prof. Association Potluck

I showed up at Fridays@Four social activity (*3 ) with Harold yesterday (4/3). I met a prof. of physics from China with a short chat to know that she is a descendant of Manchurian. After that, I met another prof. of civil engineering from China and he invited me to participate this afternoon 3:00 p.m. gathering.

4/2(Thur.): Another good PBS program

I watched another good TV program from PBS, Jerusalem: Center of the World ( ). This program lasted about two hours. I did not sleep until midnight but it is worth. I am not a real religious person so I learned a profound of historical background about why people said Jerusalem is the Center of the World.

4/1(Wed.): We are lucky to live in Taiwan

Why I said so?

3/31(Tue.): My Laptop was down

You probably want to know why I did not write my blog since 3/28 (Sat.). My notebook cannot boot, and I tried to solve the problem by myself. The error message is NTFS.sys 0X20 error. I hope it is not hark disk crash, otherwise I am really in trouble. I used the open source Live CD Knoppix ( ) and it turned out that I still cannot attach to my VAIO's hard disks. In the worse case, I need to write my blog in English and that is not a good situation for my family members to see that happen.



這一兩天新聞報導美國北達科達州(明尼蘇達州)和加拿大交界在Faro這個小鎮將面臨有史以來(新聞提到是112年的紀錄)最大的一個挑戰,預計這個星期天結冰且融化的河水(The Red River)水位最高處將升高到12.8公尺(CBC電視用的標題是:The Red River is expected to crest on Sunday at 12.9meters),雖然聯邦政府不斷的派出國民兵去支援,用沙包在重要的堤岸墊高以防止洪水氾濫,但是我看請看並不太妙。


來這裡已經快要兩個月了,雖然出國前的農曆年前理了頭髮,但是經過兩個月已經有一點長而且感覺不止是很舒服。這使我回想起第一次留學生時,頭髮都是同學們幫忙剪的,而通常也都是長到不能在長時,在Spring Break(春假)或是Fall Break(秋假)時找個時間請同學幫我修剪。剪頭髮時通常將報紙撕個洞可以將頭套上去,就可以了。後來有機會也去理髮店理頭髮。

3/24(星期二):Barack Obama的第二次記者會




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